Now you see it, now you don’t!

Very often, we’re asked to block an unpleasant view and are delighted to share the many fence alternatives that can be considered.  Maybe your neighbor has garbage cans showing. Or you’d rather not view cars whizzing by. Or maybe you’re not an exhibitionist and you’d prefer not have your neighbors watching as you soak in your hot tub.

Rather than build a blockade fence, there’s a more neighbor-friendly approach. By building a living wall or hedge, we hide the unwanted view.  The lines and shapes of the beds, patio, walks, and even the lawn serve as great fence alternatives, helping to lead the eye where we want it to go.

Then we create an interesting focal point away from the eye sore. It’s a standard magician’s trick. Don’t look over there; look at this interesting thing over here instead!  Your options for beauty and visual distraction abound!

backyard with stone patio and fireplace

An outdoor fireplace serves as
an elegant,eye-catching focal point

Pagodas, bridges and fireplaces make perfect fence alternatives

Your focal point can be a unique plant, an interesting piece of art, a water feature, or fireplace. Your eye will always be drawn to the made-made object in a landscape. Don’t ask me why, but it’s true. In this example, the pagoda holds your attention, while the neighbor across the street is barely seen. The other examples of fence alternatives create so much interest, that your eye goes where we want it to go, and totally ignores everything else in the surrounding area. Perfect!

That once-ugly view can be a thing of the past. Now, all you see is the beauty around you .

What do you plan to focus on in your back yard this summer?

exterior yard with pagoda

Using the pagoda as a focal point adds beauty and attracts your attention

exterior yard with bridge

Building bridges, not fences

Brenda Sunseri, CNLP

Lead Designer, Twin Oaks Lawn & Landscape

New York State Certified

Nursery & Landscape Professional