Your view of your home’s gardens and landscaping matters

When you check into a hotel, the rooms with a garden view are always better than those facing the parking lot or  dumpster. And the rooms with a view of the beach are better than those overlooking the gardens. It matters because beautiful views often come at a premium. Landscape design is the key to these views!

Let’s be honest. Most of the time, especially in winter, we are inside looking out. Yet, many of us have essentially invested our time and money making our homes look good for the neighbors that are whizzing by at 35 mph.  This is why I encourage our clients to embrace a landscape design with a view from the inside in mind. In this case, the windows act as a picture frame for the gardens, flower beds and landscaping beyond. I like to look out from each key area where our clients may linger from within their homes…the kitchen, dining and family rooms; wherever people spend the most time.

A year-round view of my landscape design

At our house, it seems like I’m always in the kitchen. So we have developed a close-to-perfect garden area that’s hidden from the road but best viewed from the kitchen sink. There is year-round interest with a landscape design mixing evergreens, rocks, flowers, and trees that change color with each season.  Our kids call it “The Biosphere” and it brings us joy 12 months out of the year.

In addition, we included plants that specifically attract birds and butterflies, bringing life and motion to our biosphere scene. I simply love it!

Invite your landscape designer inside

The team at Twin Oaks Lawn and Landscape has had the chance to engage with clients while their homes or businesses are in the design phase. In this example at Bristol Harbour, the resort and restaurant are designed around the spectacular view.

We’ve done the same for many clients, so when your landscape designer from Twin Oaks Lawn and Landscape comes calling, please, for the sake of a better design, invite me inside!

Brenda Sunseri, CNLP

Lead Designer, Twin Oaks Lawn & Landscape

New York State Certified

Nursery & Landscape Professional