For countless new homeowners, the process of preparing their lawn for winter will be a completely new and unfamiliar concept.  Still, if you want your lawn to grow green, healthy and vibrant next Spring and Summer, there are some essential steps that should be taken before the temperatures begin to plummet.  Not only can they help improve the health and appearance of your grass, they can also help protect it from disease, discoloration and many types of rodents and pests. 

man trimming bushes in fall

At Twin Oaks Landscaping, we’re dedicated to helping our fellow Western New Yorkers get the most enjoyment from their time spent outdoors at home.  Here’s a brief overview of the most effective and important per-winter lawn preparations.  

  • Cut your grass short to prevent mice, moles and other critters from burrowing
  • Create a compost pile to help nourish your lawn and garden during the cold
  • Aerating is important and should be done well in advance of cold temperatures   
  • Overseeding prevents grass loss and should be done 2 months before the first freeze
  • When in doubt, call an experienced local landscaping company to prepare your lawn

Considering the sheer volume of new homebuyers over the past year, it’s understandable that many will be brand new, and quite inexperienced when it comes to preparing their lawn for the long winter stretch.  Remember to begin the process early, and never hesitate to contact an expert if you find yourself stuck along the way.  If you’re in the Macedon or Rochester area, the professionals at Twin Oaks Landscaping are always here and ready to help.   

For more information on the best ways to prepare and protect your lawn during the winter months, or to schedule an appointment with our landscaping team, call Twin Oaks today at 585-482-2990 or write to us via email through our website’s contact page.